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On The Way – Simon Haeusler Design
Interactive Visualization

On The Way

The hard way to Europe

This website is a plateform to keep people informed about the situation on the roads that refugees are taking from their countries of origin to the countries of asylum.

To make the datas displayed on the website more relevant, the user have first to enter its age and gender. Then he access to the map, showing him first informations about Syria and the context. He can then have more precise informations, and graphics depending on the personnal datas he entered at the begining. By clicking on each point on the map, he gets each time more materials about the route and the main points used by refugees running away from Syria.

Each time, the user have to choose between two points to create his own route from Syria to Europe. By this process, we tried to allow the user to have a deeper understanding of the situation and the choices refugees have to make to survive and escape from their own country. We wanted them to understand that routes are not safe everywhere, and that every kind of people, from babies to elderly people, educated or not, rich or poor, can be in that situation, and that all of those people have to make choices and sometimes their lives are depending on it. ‘On the way’ is more dedicated to european people to understand why refugees are trying to reach Europe, but it could also help refugees in their quest of safety.

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